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Enterprise Europe Network at Bayern Innovativ GmbH

Business Unit
"International Networks"
of Bayern Innovativ GmbH

 Partner in the Enterprise Europe Network

The business unit "International Innovation Networks" represents Bayern Innovativ as a partner in the Enterprise Europe Network and coordinates Bayern Innovativ’s contacts to other innovation and business networks abroad.

With around 600 organisations across all European member states and presence in more than 20 additional partner countries, the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is the largest business and technology network to support small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME).
Bayern Innovativ GmbH as one partner in the network, located in Nuremberg, supports Bavarian companies in three major fields:

Innovation through cooperation:
Linking innovative technologies and solutions from Bavaria to new users, customers or cooperation partners abroad - and, vice versa, transfer of new solutions and approaches from abroad to companies in Bavaria

Innovation capability:
Analysis and optimisation of the innovation management capabilities of Bavarian SMEs, using the internationally established tool IMP³rove

Innovation strategy:
Granting Bavarian SMEs access to international information and contacts, relevant to their strategic direction in the field of technology and Innovation


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